Friday, March 10, 2006

Bungles Forever More

Cincinnati Bengals president Mike Brown doesn’t like the new NFL labor agreement, citing a tilt in benefits to players and large market teams. The Bengals and Buffalo Bills were the only two teams to vote against the new deal on Wednesday.

"I would have preferred at this time no deal," Brown said. "That doesn't mean we wouldn't have continued on. We have a contract for two more years when we made this deal. I would have wanted to bargain for a better deal in the future."

So just as Brown’s Bengals start to emerge from two decades of mediocrity, he wants to put the skids on the game so that his owner can squeeze out a few more bucks? That’s just brilliant. The Bengals finally shed their Bungles moniker as players like Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson emerge as legitimate NFL caliber players, he wants to stifle their progress.

There’s a reason the Bungles have been the Bungles for so long, and this guys appears to be carrying the torch and keeping it burning bright. It’s too bad the league doesn’t have franchise revocation rules written into the NFL by-laws for stupidity.


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