Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fine Day for a Fine

Bruce Bowen
Yo Ray, does the bottom
of my sneaker smell funny to you?
We got to thinking about big time sports in America and the rash of fines that seem to be passed out like candy these days. On Tuesday alone we had:

Udonis Halsem receiving a $5,000 fine for removing his jersey before leaving the court after he was ejected

Spurs forward Bruce Bowen assessed a $10,000 fine for kicking Ray Allen last Sunday

NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon slapped with a $10,000 fine for shoving Matt Kenseth after the race at Bristol last weekend (Gordon never took his helmet off, so his fine should have been doubled for tarnishing the fine NASCAR reputation…good ole boys don’t fight with helmets on!)

Prorate $25,000 a day in player and team fines over the course of the year, and you’re looking at over $9 million a year. Heck with that kind of coin, you could practically stamp out world hunger. If Sally Struthers is telling the truth and it really does take 36 cents to feed a starving kid a day, we’ve just fed almost 70 thousand kids a day for an entire year.

Ron Artest could feed half the eastern seaboard all by himself.

Forget this business about sticking that money into league player emergency funds. Heck, if you’re a pro athlete, and you’re drawing a multi-million dollar salary, you should have no right to any emergency funds. Give it to the kids.


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See you on the veranda!

Richard Quick, Esq.

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