Friday, March 17, 2006

The Prodigal Son Returns

Ron Artest (aka M.C. Pugilist) made his return to Market Square Arena in Indianapolis on Friday night, to a chorus of boos. And after all he’s done for the fine folks of Indiana. You’d think the guy was a criminal or something. Artest received more boos then the Detroit Pistons on their last return to the Pacers crib, but then again he did abandon his team, teammates and fans when he decided to go Rocky Balboa on those Pistons fans last season.

"If there was a fight between the fans who loved me or booed me, I think the boos would have won," Artest said after his Kings lost 98 – 93 to the Pacers.

Artest’s partner in fisticuffs, Stephen Jackson, stuck up for his boy.

"I just told Ron he shouldn't feel bad," Jackson said. "They boo me, and I play here. I don't think it bothered him. If they'll boo me, they'll boo anybody."

You’d think with a reception like that, Artest would have done everything in his power to shut the crowd up. Well, not everything. That one solution didn’t work out so well for his in Detroit. His shooting certainly wasn’t there, so it was the Pacer faithful who got the last shot in on this night.


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