Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sea Cruise

Could a Dante Culpepper – Randy Moss reunion be in the works? It’s possible. Culpepper emailed the media on Wednesday to tell them that he has asked the Vikings to either trade him or release him. Apparently en email is what started the whole tirade. Said email was sent to Culpepper by the Vikings, but Dante wouldn’t divulge what the email was all about.

"However, because of the fundamental differences I have with management regarding the approach to my personal and professional life, I think it is the best business decision for both parties to go our separate ways," Culpepper said.

So the Vikings may be cornered into dealing one of the highest paid sea faring quarterbacks in the league. Culpepper is likely to demand that a deal be struck with one of several teams that are physically located close to large bodies of water (ole Dante has a thing for big boats you see). The Oakland Coliseum is a stone’s throw from the San Francisco Bay.

Other potential suitors include the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Diego Chargers and perhaps even the Green Bay Packers or Chicago Bears (both are based on the shores of Lake Michigan). Miami and Tampa would seem the most likely target, since the weather can accommodate boat parties year round.


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