Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Roundup

• With Cuba advancing to the World Baseball Classic’s Championship game, there’s one more reason the U.S should invade the tiny Caribbean nation. Liberate all those fantastic baseball players, so we don’t have to endure the likes of Al Leiter for 19 years.

• After Rio de Janeiro police battled with pro soccer players on the field over the weekend on live television, the mystery of Rodney King’s whereabouts have been solved.

• Another brilliant move by Bud Selig. In order to promote Major League Baseball, he’ll have all of two major league players in the WBC final.

Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Michael Chiklis can't
hold a jock compared
to the real commish
• Selig also says that he has yet to determine if there will be an investigation into allegations of steroid use by Baroid the Steroid. Unless Selig can resurrect Kenesaw Mountain Landis to run the investigation, anything else will be as fraudulent as Baroid is.

• Shame on you North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Iowa, Tennessee, and Ohio State. Shame on any of you who picked them to make it past the second round.

• We felt sorry for Drew Bledsoe when Tom Brady led “his” Patriots to a Super Bowl Championship. Now we just flat out pity the guy, having to lead the biggest fool in football in the huddle.

• Speaking of the fool, there’s only room for one sheriff in Dallas, so T.O. or the Tuna will be gone by the end of the 2006 NFL season.

• They booted a guy from the Iditerod this week for going too slow. Don’t the dogs determine how fast the team travels?

• 86-year-old Red Sox great Johnny Pesky broke his leg b a line drive at a college game, which means the Sox have no choice but to play Alex Gonzalez at shortstop this season.

• After he pulled a gun on a bunch of teen aged kids, did it surprise you to hear that Marcus Vick scored lower than Vince Young on the Wonderlic test?


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