Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday Roundup

• Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers agreed to anger management courses in a deal with prosecutors in order to avoid jail time. Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom for obvious reasons.

• Who was the bigger Big Baby this week? LSU's Glenn Davis, Gonzaga's Adam Morrison or Duke's J.J. Reddick?

• (Former) Boston Bruins General Manager Mike O'Connell was rewarded for his charity work this season with a set of walking papers. Problem was, his type of charity meant giving away stars like Joe Thornton and Sergai Samsanov.

• In order to prove to the world that he's reformed and changed his ways, Terrell Owens released a new rap this week, which makes amends with "all those haters."

• Last Thursday may have been the greatest day of college basketball ever. Unless of course you're an alum of Gonzaga, Duke, West Virginia or Bradley.

• Jeremy Roenick broke his ankle in a game against the Nashville Predators on Saturday. No, it had nothing to do with sticking his foot into his mouth.

• Even Jimmy Johnson's 30th place finish at Bristol wasn't punishment enough for crew chief Chad Knaus, who returned to NASCAR on Sunday after a four race suspension for cheating.

• Why is that every time that scrutiny over steroids begins to fill the media, Barry Bonds gets hurt. Now the Giants cheater has a strained elbow. Wonder if he'll miss all of 2006 with this ailment?

• Who is the biggest loser in the NBA? Nope, not the Charlotte Hornets. Sounds like Portland Trailblazers owner Paul Allen takes that distinction.

• Only in the ABA can you eject a coach and a team...from the league.


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Great post, I like your blogging style and wit with the sports stories of the day.

I'm going to add a link to your blog from mine.


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