Friday, April 14, 2006

Baroid Headed to the Bull Pen(itentiary)?

Do you you think they'll
let him bring his wig?
No wonder Baroid hasn’t been launching bombs into McCovey Cove like every SF Giants fan had dreamed entering this season. He’s been too preoccupied with the notion of going to jail! The Associated Press is reporting that a federal grand jury is investigating Baroid to see if he committed perjury in 2003.

You may recall that other grand jury, way back in the golden age of baseball, 2003, when Baroid was summoned to testify on the BALCO scandal. His testimony indicated that he didn’t know that substances given to him by his personal trainer Greg Anderson, where steroids.

You can say a lot of thing about the U.S. government, but you can’t say the feds can’t make your life a living hell if they’re motivated enough. Lying to a grand jury is not one of our top 10 suggestions for keeping in good standing with the feds.

But Baroid doesn’t live on the same planet as you and I. He lives somewhere between Neverland and Wonderland (he does look a bit like the Cheshire Cat when he’s grinning doesn’t he?).

Do they let ESPN film crews into federal penitentiaries?


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