Friday, April 07, 2006

Get That Mess Outta Here

You gotta hand it to the Germans, because they nailed this one. The German Basketball Federation banned players Tamien Trent and Michael Moten, both Americans, for nine months after they tested positive for marijuana. Forget the fact that these two clowns were busted for pot, but recognize the fact that the GBF has some teeth and they’re not afraid to show it.

The transgressions of the two players were caught in a random drug test following a game of February 11th for , WALTER Tigers Tuebingen. They were both suspended four days later and have subsequently been released by the team.

"I hope that this ruling will have a deterrent effect," Wolfgang Hilgert, chairman of the federation's anti-doping commission, said Friday.

Could you imagine a similar policy in the NBA? It would certainly benefit teams like those in the GBF, because half the NBA would suspended and released by the All Star Break. Rasheed Wallace may as well toss those aspirations of someday playing in Germnay.


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