Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Last Temptation of Copa Mundial

Teh King Loves Soccer
Elvis has left the town
along with the party
If you’re going to Germany for this summer’s World Cup with expectations of all you can consume soccer, suds and sex, be sure to steer clear of Bad Nauheim (rhymes with “Bad Time”). The resort town just north of Frankfurt is pulling out all the stops for its guests from Saudi Arabia, which includes hiding all the alcohol and cutting off the porn channels in town hotels as a means to remove all temptation for its Muslim guests.

"We do have a photo exhibition in the pool area which shows a lot of skin and it goes without saying that it will be removed by then," Michel Prokop, general manager of the Hotel Dolce Bad Nauheim, told Reuters.

Art nouveau paintings that feature naked boys wearing wigs will also be removed from a theater in town (not sure that would have been on our “must see” list).

"We will leave the Pay-TV on in their rooms but the porn movie channels will of course be turned off," said Prokop. "All the alcohol will be removed from the mini bars and replaced with soft drinks."

Kind of amusing that the town that once served as home for Elvis Presley’s while he was in the Army from 1956 to 1960, will be the last place any hound dog will want to frequent during the Cup. Party On (over to the next town buddy)!


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