Wednesday, April 19, 2006

MLB Busts Out the "Naughty Corner" to Curb Roid Use

Major League Baseball dropped its Styrofoam hammer on Tuesday by suspending five no-name minor leaguers for positive steroids. Arizona Diamondbacks minor-league pitcher Angel Rocha won the bonus prize with a 100 game suspension for failing a second test.

The four others suspended, received 50 game penalties. Those scape goats included: Los Angeles Angels pitcher Karl Jelinas, New York Mets pitcher Jorge Reyes, St. Louis outfielder Yonathan Sivira and San Diego pitcher Matthew Varner.

Any major leaguer caught failing a test under the new toothless plan would receive the first time penalty of 50 games, regardless of if they failed a previous test under the old plan. That’ll teach those dirty scoundrels.

ESPN’s Pedro Gomez still has a sneaking suspicion that Barry Bonds has taken steroids, and is out to prove it. He’s still waiting for his copy of Game of Shadows, so his breaking news will have to wait a week or two.


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