Monday, April 10, 2006

No, Motor Oil Was Not Involved

Cat fight! Well almost. After NASCAR Super Dork Kurt Busch wrecked Greg Biffle at Texas Motor Sppedway on Sunday, Biffle’s extremely hot girlfriend Nicole Lunders, stormed out of Biffle’s pit and bee-lined it over to Busch’s pit before giving Busch’s girlfriend an earful. Apparently she was not convinced that Busch’s tactics were honorable, so she decided to stand up for her man.

The first question that came to mind after hearing this story was, Kurt Busch has a girlfriend??? Really? You sure she’s not one of those Winston girls that gets paid to stand around the track and shill cigarettes?

This is the same Kurt Busch who had to pin his ears back in the off-season because he was losing a tenth of second per lap because of the drag.

"That just shows her professionalism," Busch said of Biffle’s woman after the race. No, no, no Kurt, you’re the one who has to pay your woman to be there. That makes your girl the professional.


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