Monday, April 10, 2006

One order of tongue please, but hold the MSG

New York Rangers City Skaters
We thought you hired us to distract
people from the lousy hockey?
Courtney Prince gets to have in day after all. Two years after the fun boys at Madison Square Garden got their groove on, Prince gets to air her grievances with MSG and their band of Gene Simmons wanna-bes. Prince, a former New York Rangers City Skaters cheerleader filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit against MSG alleging comments and conduct that are "insulting, demeaning and objectifying and could be considered severe by a reasonable employee."

She said she was fired in January 2004 after she was accused of "disparaging" members of management by calling them sexual predators. All of this after an MSG employee tried to stick his tongue down Prince’s throat. Apparently this guy thought it was the perfect way to indicate that he was ready to par-tay!

The claims go on to tell how the employee hand picked her for sex…before telling her he was ready to have sex with all of the cheerleaders. She said Garden executives required the cheerleaders to stuff their bras and be sexually alluring.

MSG officials deny any wrongdoing, citing that they “didn’t get any!”

“How were we supposed to know she was frigid?,” said another official. “We thought that whole ice routine thing was part of the act!”


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