Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Roundup

• Randy Moss' agent Dante DiTrapano was arrested for the second time this month in Florida. This time for not showing up to a hearing stemming from his March 14th arrest on crack cocaine charges. What's more amazing is that Moss has remained a choir boy for the last year.

• ESPN reported Pedro Gomez learns this week that Barry Bonds is suspected of using steroids. Vows to "get right on the story."

• How can you tell it's Spring? Easy. Kerry Wood, Mark Prior and Ryan Klesko are all on the D.L.

• George Mason's band played "Livin on a Prayer" for the last time on Saturday.

• Speaking of George Mason, Jim Larranaga your 15 minutes are up.

• Big Baby may want to work on his post up game this summer.

• If Joakim Noah's professional basketball aspirations don't pan out, he can team up with pop Yanic and form a Milli Vanili cover band.


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