Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday Roundup

• At the rate he's going, Alfonso Soriano will have been traded by every team in Major League Baseball by the time he's 30.

• Dwight Gooden will now have one year to score as much cocaine as he wants.

• After that takedown / body-slam of Shay Doron in the NCAA Women's Final, we'd say that Mistie Williams has a future in the WWF

• How many of you lept out of your chairs when you heard that Duke's head coach had resigned, only to come back to earth after figuring out it was the lacrosse coach?

• If California star Leon Powe learned anything in college, he'll go from being Powe to Not-Powe by jumping into the NBA draft.

• No-mo No-mar. At least not for a while.

• Tiger Woods looked as green as the jacket he had to slip on his arch-enemy's shoulders.


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