Sunday, April 09, 2006

Welcom to Guwahati - "Ass I Am"

All this time we thought cricket was one of those ultra-civil sports, played by gentlemen who broke for tea and biscuits. So much for that vision. Indian police in Guwahati were forced to fire tear gas at spectators, after a riot broke out at the stadium where England and India were supposed to play the fifth of seven one-day matches.

Heavy rains made the field conditions unplayable, but that wasn’t good enough for the hoards of fans who were ready to see their countrymen take on the Brits. Indian fans tore down fencing surrounding the stadium and started fires, and attacked policemen.

Guwahati is located in India’s northeast province of Assam. Fans left the province is an”I” short of its new slogan, “Ass I Am”.


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