Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tiger on the Lamb

Detroit Tigers slugger in absentia Dmitri Young has some splainin to do after he failed to show for a pretrial hearing regarding a domestic violence charge filed against him back in April. An arrest warrant was issued for Young after a judge ruled that Young’s attorney failed to provide a good enough excuse regarding Young’s whereabouts.

The 32-year-old is currently on the disabled list with an injured right quadriceps, and left the team for what the Tigers called "personal reasons" in late May.

Young’s attorney William Swor missed the hearing himself, but he supposedly told Assistant Oakland County prosecutor Tare Wigod that Young had a medical emergency and was out of state.
Judge Diane D'Agostini rejected the request for a delay and demanded proof by the end of the day that Young was housed at a legitimate medical facility. She also ordered Swor to appear in her courtroom on Friday. A fax from Swor was ruled insufficient evidence that Young needed to be out of state, so D’Agostini lowered the boom.

Young's antics explains younger brother Delmon Young's behavior.


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