Wednesday, December 21, 2005

No really, the Romans did it all the time

Paolo Di CanioItalian soccer player Paolo Di Canio was suspended for Lazio's Serie A match against Lecce on Wednesday and fined 7000 pounds after he busted out a Nazi salute to fans.
He saluted his fans the same way during a Rome derby last season, and at Livorno last week, and has insisted his gesture is a greeting which dates back to ancient Rome.

"I will always salute that way because it gives me a sense of belonging to my people," he said recently.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi defended Di Canio on Wednesday, saying he was not a fascist. "Di Canio is an exhibitionist. His salute didn't have any significance. He's a good lad."

Mama Mia! These guys don't know when to quit do they. Di Canio lablled his ban "unjust" and insisted his salute had "nothing to do with any political ideologies." This guys doesn't get the point does he.

So the next time you feel like conveying a symbolism of Italian pride, click those boots together before whipping out the ole "Heil Hitler" and tell em Paolo sent you. And can someone please explain what "Assitalia" is (see photo)? On second thought, never mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Learn your history, dumbass! The straight arm salute didn't originate with the Nazis! It was around loooonnnnngggggggg before the Nazis ever came into existence! It originated with the Romans! That soccer player has every right to be proud of the fact that he is a descendent of a great people such as the Romans! Ergo(Latin for therefore), it isn't wrong at all for him to display that pride by making a salute that the Romans did! Take your college-educated politically correct crap and blow it out your ass! My name is Les & my email address is

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