Thursday, December 22, 2005

Crime does pay (the lawyers)

Todd BertuzziWasn’t it only a few months ago when Vancouver Canucks Neanderthal Todd Bertuzzi was sobbing at the podium, apologizing for his disgraceful cheap shot on Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Moore? Bertuzzi wept like a little girl at a press conference to denounce his own despicable actions…or was that just a show, intended to lighten the impending punishment he was destined to receive? Gee, which one could it have been?

Bertuzzi pleaded guilty to assault in a Vancouver court, but he got off with probation and community service. He won the more important battle in a Denver court where Moore filed a civil suit against Bertuzzi. The judge in the latter case dismissed the case, citing that the argument would be better handled by a Canadian court, where the injury took place.

So Bertuzzi has sent his legal bill, amounting to $161,000 to Moore. State law requires that plaintiffs pay the defendants fees and costs when cases are dismissed before trial. Moore's attorney, Lee Foreman, said in a court filing that the defendants' dollar request was "overreaching and almost laughable" and contained numerous duplicate charges.

A lawyer over billing for services? What is this world coming to? The question that really begs asking is who deserves to be slapped more, Bertuzzi or his lawyer?


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