Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mo Clarett finally gets to run

Way to go Maurice Clarett. Just when his name began to fade from the spotlight, he vaults himself back in, just like one of those patented runs three years ago for Ohio State. Except for the fact that while some of his former Buckeye teammates were rolling in the Fiesta Bowl on Monday, Clarett was turning himself in to police in Columbus, Ohio for allegedly robbing two people at gun point on Saturday night.

Clarett had been eluding the heat for the last two days, much like he eluded gridiron tacklers three years ago. Well, he was brandishing weapons on the football field like he was behind the Opium Lounge in downtown Columbus. Clarett then used some of his football skills and has been running for the last two days.

So let’s get this straight. Clarett, who is probably one of the most recognized faces in Columbus, decides to rob someone at gunpoint and expects not to be recognized? Says a lot about one year’s worth of education at Ohio State.

Of course this is Maurice Clarett we’re talking about so there has to be more to the story. You’d think that resorting to armed robbery is something some turns to as a last resort. In this case, it sounds like Clarett may have had other football options available to him.

Clarett’s former coach Jim Tressel said at a Fiesta Bowl press conference on Sunday that he had a conversation with the beleaguered running back about hooking up with an NFL Europe team.

"Obviously, my reaction to that is it's sad," Tressel said Sunday, "because, as I said the last few times people have brought up the subject, my hope would be that he would have an opportunity to go over to NFL Europe and make a comeback."

What Tressel wanted to say was that he was glad he wasn’t partying at the Opium Lounge on Saturday night.


Blogger dolphinfan said...

What a joke Clarett is! Talk about potential wasted.

6:57 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Maybe he was just asking what time it was . . . at gunpoint . . . and the people overreacted. Or, you know, maybe not.

8:39 PM  

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