Monday, January 09, 2006

Phlemboyant Taylor gets a slap on the wrist

So what’s more revolting? a) The fact that Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor spit in Tamba Bay Bucaneers running back Michael Pittmans’ face, b) the paltry $17,000 fine Taylor received for the act, or c) the fact that the NFL left it at that and didn’t suspend Taylor? Our money is on d) the fact that Pittman didn’t remove his helmet and club Taylor with it after the spit flew.

Heck, former Oakland Raiders linebacker Matt Millen once clubbed the owner of the New England Patriots over the head with his helmet. OK, it was the owner’s son, but he still got away with it, because the dolt committed something even dumber that spitting…he taunted Millen after a loss.

So Taylor dodged a king sized bullet by avoiding a suspension, even though his actions warranted something closer to a public flogging. He was investigated by the league last year for allegedly hucking a loogie at T.J. Houshmandzadeh, but he skirted punishment for that infraction because there was no video evidence.

Taylor also had a drunken driving charge last season that was later dismissed. But wait, there’s more. The boy scout is scheduled to go on trial next week in Miami on a felony charge of aggravated assault for some incident near his home last summer. He is expected to request a postponement because of the Redskins' playoff run, which he will unfortunately be participating in due to the league’s lack of backbone.

"He's turned his life around," defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin said. "He's been a more positive guy. He's been a great role model on the field."

Yeah Cornelius, this guy is a regular alter boy.


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