Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tawdry Tuesday

Former beauty queen Tumata Vaimarea wants justice French Polynesian style. Vaimarea has filed a complaint against Argentine football legend Diego Maradona, saying he threw a glass at her in a Bora Bora nightclub causing an injury that required eight stitches, the local prosecutor said. Maradona could spend up to three years in jail if convicted.

Club staff and management said Maradona had been "a model guest, charming, calm and not very demanding." Oh, and he’s been throwing around money like it grows on coca trees.

Speaking of Foootbol

Violence erupted at Tuesdays African Cup of Nations during a match between Egypt and Morocco. Fans ripped plastic seats from the stands and hurled them at Egyptian riot police. It seems that some holdover Libyan fans from a game that had been played earlier in the day between Libya and the Ivory Coast started stirring things up. The Libyans were sore that the Ivory Coast had put a 2-1 hurtin on them and that the Devil America still existed. OK, we made that last part up, but isn’t that standard practice for any story that involves Libyans?

And back on the home front

Philadelphia 76ers forward Lee Nailon was arrested in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania on Tuesday for a “domestic dispute”. No other details were available, other than Lee Nailon needs to spend more time at the gym. His 4.2 points per game avg this season don’t warrant get out of jail cards. You have to be Sean Locklear to qualify for one of those.


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