Saturday, January 21, 2006

Don't you know who I am?

Police used a stun gun on former heavyweight champion Oliver McCall after he tried running away from officers trying to arrest him for trespassing in a public housing development, authorities said. You may remember McCall as the dude that knocked out Lennox Lewis for the WBC heavyweight title in 1994. When police asked him who he was and why he was trespassing, McCall said he wasn't and told them he was "Oliver McCall, ex-heavyweight champion of the world."

When police told him he was under arrest, "McCall replied 'no' and took off running," a police statement said. Officers used a Taser to restrain the 6-foot-2, 250-pound McCall. They also recovered a glass pipe and a $5 bill containing a small amount of cocaine.

McCall decided to add to his own misery by spitting at an officer after his arrest and threatening to kill him to kill the officer. He was being held Friday on $299,000 bond (what the heck, let’s make is a square three hundy) and charged with criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, assaulting police officers, threatening to kill an officer and being a fugitive from justice on charges in Virginia. McCall had previously been arrested in Nashville in December 1996 after throwing a Christmas tree in a hotel lobby.

You can sleep easier tonight, know that there’s one less Christmas tree fugitive on the streets.


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