Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Second Coming of Napoleon Fails to Conquer the Brits

Theo Fleury
Hey there's always
the Icelandic Elite League
Canadian hockey ambassador Theo Fleury still has the old touch. The little hellion managed to get himself kicked out of the British Elite League for good last weekend after trying to light the lamp by using an officials head as the goal. Fleury has already had his share of drama in jolly old England. The latest twist of 'As Theo Turns' started when Fluery took a two minute minor while skating for the Belfast Giants last Saturday.

Fleury was upset with the call and refused to skate to the penalty box, for which referee Mike Hicks added a 10-minute misconduct. After the opposing Basingstoke Bison scored an empty-net goal, Fleury fished the puck out of the net, then fired it at Hicks’ head.

Hicks tacked on another misconduct penalty and then the former Calgary Flames Oompa Loompa went berserk, threatening Hicks. A match penalty ensued, followed by an invitation to not let the door hit him in the backside as he exists the league. League officials made it clear that Fleury will, "not to return to this league ever again."

Next stop, Canadian beer leagues. Or has he been banned from those already as well?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw Theo, say it isn't so. I was still keeping up hope that you'd make a triumphant return the NHL one of these days. the league just hasn't been the same without you :(

11:10 AM  
Blogger Paul D said...

Belfast is in Britain, not England.

11:35 AM  
Blogger TheChump said...

Yes, but Basingstoke is in England, which is where this all went down. Fleury also had another run-in a couple of months ago in England. Apparently e's well behaved in front of his home fans :) Sorry, could have been more clear.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, at risk of sounding pedantic, Belfast is Northern Ireland, as in the United Kingdom of Great Britain AND Northern Ireland (full version of U.K.). So no, Belfast isn't "Britain".

11:42 AM  

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