Saturday, January 14, 2006

As a matter of fact, you do look fat baby...

You have to start wondering what the Indianapolis Colts chances of winning it all are given the distractions that seem to be piling up in the Hoosier state. Cornerback Nick Harper was downgraded to questionable status on Saturday after his wife carved up his knee in an altercation the couple had.

31-year-old Daniell Harper was being held without bond in an Indianapolis jail, charged with battery with a deadly weapon and criminal recklessness.

The Colts starting cornerback required stitches in his knee at St. Vincent Hospital in Indy. The team released a statement that Harper had required medical treatment following the “accident”. Kind of an odd place to stab someone, but hey, whatever works.

Hamilton County Sheriff Doug Carter indicated that “there was not an accident”, and that the Harper and his Lorena Bobitt wannabe wife had been involved in a fight.

Before you get teary eyed for the alleged victim, we should point out that Harper was arrested in June on a domestic battery charge after knocking his wife around. With Kordell Stewart and the Baltimore Ravens out of the playoff hunt, Harper may lobby the league for permission to the use the nickname "Slash" for the remainder of Indy's postseason run.


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