Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Follow Ups (and downs)

He was Guilty????
So it turns out he was guilty all along. Well color us surprised. OK, not really. When you admit to a cop that you just paid for some nooky, it probably means you did it. And Denny Neagle did it. His punishment? 40 hours of community service. Neagle dodged the six months of jail time that he was facing for his patronizing a prostitute.

He was Wronged
Big Bro, Ron Mexico is finally standing up for his little delinquent brother. Mike Vick broke his silence on little brother Marcus’ punishment for assorted troubles while at Va Tech.

"Sometimes your emotions just take over," Vick said on Wednesday in reference to his brothers calf stomping incident in the Gator Bowl. He's not the kind of kid that's going to do something like that on purpose. That's just something he's got to live with, and now it's just time to move on."

Can’t wait to hear the excuse in 3 to 6 when little bro is facing 8 to 10 for whatever trouble he gets mixed up then.


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