Monday, January 16, 2006

Playoff smackdown, domestic style

What is it about the playoffs? Post season rolls around and everyone needs to start beating up on their wives (or in Nick Harper’s case the other way around), acquaintances, or anyone else on the street? Now Seattle Seahawks starting right tackle Sean Locklear gets to spend the night in the pokey while he is being investigated for “domestic violence”.

Reports don’t make it clear if the alleged victim is Locklear’s wife, but they usually lock you up for domestic violence if you’re smacking around your girl. Police initially received reports that a man was choking a woman outside a Seattle billiards hall, after the man had become enraged that the woman was dancing with other men.

The woman had visible redness around her neck, but she refused to tell the police anything and would not allow them to photograph her injuries. Locklear is scheduled to play in this weekend’s NFC Championship game against the Carolina Panthers, but his playing status is unclear.

The Seahawks are still trying to get all the details before they rule on Locklear’s playing status. Should he remain in the pen, Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren’s decision will get a whole lot easier.

** Update: The alleged victim is reported as Lockyear's girlfriend.


Blogger dolphinfan said...

Harper's "love spat" with his wife could have cost Indy. Do you think Big Ben catches him on that fumble return if his wife had not gashed his leg open?

2:51 PM  

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