Tuesday, January 17, 2006

We were playing patty-cake!

Denny NeagleFormer major league hurler Denny Neagle got a little belated Christmas present on Tuesday. Jefferson County judge Roy Olson tossed a confession that Neagle made to Lakewood, Colorado police officer Michael Maestras back in 2004. Neagle admitted that he had solicited a sex act from a woman in his car to Maestras.

Maestas testified Tuesday that he had told Neagle it would help his case if he was honest. Neagle tried the “who me” approach and told officers that he was dropping the woman off. When Maestas said he did not believe him, Neagle then fessed up and said he had acted foolishly and wanted a sex act.

The confession was tossed by the judge, who ruled that Neagle had not been read his rights prior to the coerced confession. Neagle’s employer at the time, the Colorado Rockies, tossed Neagle to the curb and terminated the five-year $51 million contract that went with the job. Neagle recovered some of that money after the player’s union filed a grievance.

That’s a $51 million piece of…..


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