Thursday, January 26, 2006

Being John Daly

You have to wonder what it must be like being John Daly. Just for a day. And if you were going to pick a day, Thursday certainly would have been interesting (what day’s aren’t when you’re John Daly). The PGA golfer’s wife, Sherrie Miller Daly reported to prison in Lexington, Kentucky to start serving a five-month sentence stemming from her involvement with a drug and gambling operation.

All the while Big John was putting in a round to start the Buick Open in La Jolla, California. Apparently Mrs. Daly was suddenly forced to report to jail by the prosecuting attorney.

"It was very tacky on the prosecuting attorney," Daly said. "Usually you get two or three weeks to get prepared. He must not have kids. He's not a very nice guy anyway."

Yeah, those big old prosecuting attorneys are just down right evil, regardless of your involvement with a drug and gambling ring. Where’s the civility?


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