Thursday, February 23, 2006

No Canada!

So the Great One wants to take the fall for Team Canada’s woes at the Torino Olympics does he? That would be too easy, and rather convenient given his personal woes the past two weeks. He proved that even a gambling scandal can’t tarnish his bullet proof reputation, so why not take the blame for a horrendous performance by the Canadians this week.

"I take full responsibility," said Gretzky. "It's nobody else's fault. I will reassess what's best for me and for Hockey Canada. I want to win gold at the Vancouver Games in 2010.

Well, it actually is someone else’s fault. You can start with each and every player on the Canadian roster. What should have been a shoe in for the gold medal turned into the worst performance by a Canadian team in 26 years.

Guys like Todd Bertuzzi and Chris Pronger were stale holdovers from past Canadian glory, supplanting up and coming stars like Sydney Crosby and Eric Staal. It’s time for some house cleaning, so Gretzky should skip the self deprecating criticisms, because nobody is buying that story either.


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This is my first time on the site. Good, stuff. I'll be adding you on my sidebar soon.

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