Friday, January 27, 2006

Bad week to be Isaiah

Bad Isaiah I

Some habits are hard to break. For some it’s biting their finger nails or leaving the seat up. For Isaiah Rider, it’ s staying out of trouble. You remember Isaiah Rider don’t you? The former NBA slam dunk champion who’s career headed south right after he won the title during his rookie season in 1993-94.

Rider was scheduled to be arraigned Friday on charges of kidnapping and battery after police were drawn to a woman’s screams in Marin, California. Police say he had a disagreement with the woman, then decided to drive off with her against her will. All this in his ‘Benzo.

The hoop master of unfulfilled expectations was arrested in November on warrants for beating his girlfriend in 2004. He was convicted of kicking a bar manager in Minneapolis during his rookie season, and was later thrown in the pokie for violating his probation.

Bad Isaiah II

OK, so there’s an “a” missing from this Isaiah, but what the heck, close enough…
Knicks president Isiah Thomas continued to vehemently deny accusations that he sexually harassed former Knicks senior vice president of marketing and business operations, Anucha Brown Sanders. In court documents, Browne Sanders said Thomas often berated her and made crude comments about her to Knicks officials, telling them not to listen to any of her directions. She also charged that last month, he hugged and tried to kiss her, and when she pulled away, he said, "What, I can't get any love from you today?"

Hey Isiah loves everyone. Have you never seen that Cheshire Cat smile? Sanders released a statement on Friday suggesting that Thomas was in love with her.


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