Sunday, February 26, 2006

Embarrassment of Olympic Proportions

Bode the Bust
"Throwing back a shooter"
While the rest of the world may remember the Torino games for their sportsmanship and grandeur, Americans will remember these games as one of the biggest flops in Team USA history. Never before were so many U.S. athletes hyped prior to the games, only to fall flat on their faces.

In snowboardcrosser Lindsey Jacobellis’ case, that’s exactly what she did. Fell on her face. Figure skater Sasha Cohen did the inverse and fell on her keester. Michelle Kwan never even competed after exposing the fact that she never should have been there in the first place. Johnny Weir was a flowery bust.

Moguls skier Jeremy Bloom failed to live up to his hype. Apolo Anton Ohno, while earning three medals, showed that he was second fiddle to the Koreans and that his Gold Medal in Salt Lake was indeed a gift.

The biggest pre-games favorite / post-games bust had to be alpine skier Bode Miller and his teammate Daron Rahlves. Miller was so busy soaking up the Olympic experience that he forgot to compete. He made up for it with a gold medal partying performance. Aerialist, Jeret Peterson got into a drunken fist fight at a bus stop, resulting in an early departure from the games.

"We take full responsibility for any unpleasant episodes," US Olympic Committee chief executive Jim Scherr said. "We need to do a better job at making (US athletes) understand how what they do affects the whole team and the country."

Peterson and Miller were downright embarrassments for Team USA.


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