Friday, February 03, 2006

SBXL Odds & Ends

SBXL Odds & Ends
• The SBXL quote of the week: "I'll touch it any chance I get and hope to be able to touch it again." -- Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren talking about, you guessed it, the Super Bowl trophy.

• The FBI searched Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren's rental car this week -- without incident -- after security officials found the hood ajar and not in the spot where hotel valets had parked it.

• Lest we forget, Franco Harris ended his Steelers career in Seattle in 1984. Wonder who he’ll be rooting for on Sunday?

• Regardless of who you want to win Super Bowl XL, we all win on Sunday night. At the point after the cameras stop rolling we won’t have to listen to Joey Porter flapping his gums for at least six months.

• Oddest proposition bet we’ve seen so far: What will there be more of ? Kanye West Grammy wins or number of touchdowns scored by both teams in Super Bowl XL. Would you believe Kanye West +1.5 Total Grammy Wins is taking even money.


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