Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Damn, forgot to attach my resume

The San Francisco Bay Area is one lighter in the pro franchise PR department…again. This time the Golden State Warriors were left scrambling to deal with a PR nightmare after PR manager Eric Govan “inadvertently” sent out an email titles “Ghetto Prom”, which included photos of scantily clad black people and inappropriate critiques of the images.

Funny that we’re reporting on this, given half of our commentary is typically inappropriate critiques of the events mentioned herein. But we digress.

The email was sent to the Warriors media distribution list, which included sports reporters, columnists, editors, and radio & television stations. What’s worse, the fact that the racially insensitive email was sent by a representative of the franchise, or that a public relations manager can’t tell the difference between his buddy “Allen Mediosomethingorother” and “All Media” in his email distribution list???

The San Francisco 49ers had to deal with a PR situation earlier this year, when PR director Kirk Reynolds was canned after producing a video that was intended to teach players how to avoid precarious situations off the fields. Reynolds video included racial jokes, lesbian soft-porn and topless woman (we’re still looking for a copy of this video by the way).

Golden State took the same course of action that the 49ers did by cutting ties with Govan immediately.


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