Tuesday, January 31, 2006

OK, poker might be a sport

Anna BensonNow how could we pass up a post concerning Anna Benson, wife of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Kris Benson? Benson (the hot one) has been bucking up on her poker skills, in hopes of becoming a real, uh, talent.

"I'm still a young little poker player. I've got a long ways to go," Benson said. "It is a thrill to me. They call it a sport now, so it's kind of cool for me to come in and be my own type of an athlete.

No, just because ESPN televises events, it doesn’t make it a sport. But if Anna wants to consider herself an athlete, knock yourself out darling.

"I'm going to get schooled on how to play by some of these big-time pros," Benson said. "I want to play well. I'm not trying to do this as a joke, I'm dead serious about playing. I'm not like some bimbo sitting down at a table."

Of course you’re not. But we can’t wait to hear the dialogue at that table.

Poker Opponent: “Love the thong bikini Anna, it really loosens up the tension in the room.”

Anna: “Guess where Kris and I did it last night?”

Poker Opponent: “Um, I call.”

Anna: “You can’t call, I just bluffed you. We didn’t do it last night, we did it this morning! Four times! You were supposed to fold!”

Poker Opponent: “I have a nut flush, whatcha got Anna?”

Anna: “Go fish yourself!”


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