Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The tea breaks were all a ruse

Those crazy cricketers may not be so crazy after all. At least not Australian crickters. It seems that Aussie cricket officials (tell someone that’s your job with a straight face at a cocktail party), want to have laws imposed which would ban racist fans from cricket matches for life. It seems some visiting South African players were on the receiving end of some less than polite treatment from Aussie spectators (they all seem so nice in all those “down under” commercials).
"Racism has no place anywhere in world cricket, either on or off the field, and spectators who offend should face life bans and/or heavy fines," Cricket Australia said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Which begs the question: Where does it have a place exactly?

"Nearly 1 million Australian spectators have offered a warm and enthusiastic welcome to South Africa's, West Indies' and Sri Lanka's competitive and skilled international cricketers this summer," Cricket Australia Chief Executive James Sutherland said.

"I am appalled that their welcome has had a shadow cast over it by shameful behavior of maybe half a dozen half-wits."

You were wondering what John Rocker’s been up to? Well, now you know.


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