Monday, February 06, 2006

The Day After

Hines WardPoints to ponder the day after:

• Apparently a sports hernia affects your ability to flip a coin.

• Our vote for MVP would have gone to the officiating crew, because nobody played a bigger role in Pittsburgh’s victory than they did.

• Seriously though, Hines Ward won that Escalade in a raffle, because nobody else on the field was a clear standout.

• It’s been reported that Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw did not show for the NFL’s pre-game presentation of past Super Bowl MVP’s because the financial compensation wasn’t worth making the trek to Detroit.

• With as many bad calls and breaks against his team, you’d think Mike Holgrem was out there coaching the Raiders.

• For all you conspiracy theorists out there, Sports Illustrated was hawking "Steelers Championship Package" before the game even started. The package came up when you hit the "" website. If you tried hitting the site, the Steelers offer was presented as well.

• The clear winners of the weekend were anyone who managed to score a ticket to the Maxim party. The magazine took out an ad in the Detroit Free Press, recruiting “hot chicks”. The magazine requested photos in advance, but still retained the right to refuse less than “hot chicks” at the door.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

People should stop crying about the "bad calls" made by the refs. Listen, good teams can put bad calls behind them and still win the game ie the Indy Pitt game. That overturned interception was a bad call. The calls in the Superbowl were defenitely penalties, but they are usually not called. This is the Superbowl where every eye is on you, so you have to expect every thing the officials see to be called. If people want to be picky the only touchdown Seattle scored was thanks to a pick on Troy Polamalu. Seattle had their chances to come up big and didn't. What the Steelers did in the playoffs was incredible, and shouldn't be cheapened by a bunch of cry babies! If you don't want your big play called back then don't push off, hold or anything else on the biggest stage sports has!

8:49 PM  

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