Monday, February 13, 2006

Oly broadcast sucks eggs

Lindsey Kildow
"That's gonna leave a mark"
Time to rap about a controversy
Gonna take a stand, wont show no mercy
Through the power of the internet (or the radio for that matter), you may have learned of Lindsey Kildow’s nasty crash in a training run for the women’s downhill event in Torino, but forget trying to find a video clip of the incident. That’s because NBC’s coverage of the event is weaker than Michelle Kwan’s groin apparently.

It should be no surprise then to find out that American’s have already bailed on NBC’s brown paper bag wrapping of the event. The U.S. television audience so far is less than half that of the Salt Lake games. Of course, Salt Lake did have a home field advantage, but still, half the audience?

A lot of folks say jocks shouldn't be
Doin the sports news on TV
I dont wanna hear the latest scores
From broadcasting school bore
Speaking of Kwan, her self imposed withdrawal from the games may be one of the biggest contributors to NBC’s lackluster numbers. Or, you could point to the fact that Americans just aren’t interested in information they’re probably getting from the internet at work twelve hours ahead of time.

So get your scores from a guy like me
Who knows what its like to have a groin injury
Gra..Gra...Groin Injury!
Problem is, that audience would be hard pressed to get any info (like a video clip of Lindow’s fall) on the NBC Olympic website. There is plenty of info however, on choke artists Bode Miller and Daron Rahlves.


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